4 Anti Aging Secrets to Look and Feel Your Best

No matter how old you are, anti aging secrets are a great way to help your body look and help you feel vibrant, energetic and beautiful. Aging is a process that we all must go through, but everyone does it different. You can decide for yourself, will you let your body age quickly or would you prefer to keep it working and looking great for a while? If you are the latter, here are some anti aging secrets and tips that you can use everyday to be your best and age gracefully.Exercise is key to keeping your body strong and healthy and is one of the foremost anti aging tips. The type of exercise you do depends on what you want to accomplish. There are a few exercises that are ideal for anti aging or to slow the aging process. These include yoga, weight or resistance training and for some, rebounding. Here is a rundown of each.Yoga is one of the great exercises for anti aging, creating strength, toning and flexibility; especially for your spine. A healthy and flexible spine is considered to be the “backbone” of youthfulness; pun intended. If your spine is strong and flexible, the many nerves that run through it are better protected. If you keep your spine loosened and flexible, the muscles and ligaments connected to it also have a better chance to stay relaxed. Put together, this means less muscles spasms, less hip or joint pain, better flexibility to do daily tasks and all around less pain.As you age, your bones become less dense while some even experience bone loss. Resistance and weight training are proven to counteract this. In fact, some studies noted that weight training is better than taking calcium supplements to preserve bones and make them strong. If you decide to try weight training, it is always best to work with a trainer, especially at first. Proper form is key to avoiding injury. Resistance training may be done at home with a band, exercise equipment or certain calisthenic programs that incorporate squats, some form of pushups and similar exercises. Even if done at home, patience and starting slowly will help you avoid injury.Rebounding is a lesser known exercise that involves jumping on a mini-trampoline designed for exercise. Advocates of this exercise say this helps them exercise muscles throughout the entire body, including internal muscles that support the organs. Some long term users also say that it helps tone facial muscles just as it tones all muscles throughout the body.Facial Exercise is another little known anti aging secret. Just as your body muscles sag without exercise, so can facial muscles. Exercising the tiny muscles around your jowels, neck, forehead and even cheek muscles can help keep them toned and firm for longer. You can use a device or purchase a program for facial muscles. And if you do try this, try doing a mini massage on your face yourself. It will feel good and research does prove that regular massage also contributes to keeping muscles firm.Healthy diet is also important for an anti aging program. If you want to age gracefully, start your healthy diet now. If you feel you have aged prematurely, it is possible to reverse some of the damage. Take in extra nutrition in the form of whole foods instead of supplements. One example of this type of practice is to consume more raw fruits and vegetables and even incorporate fresh vegetable juice into your daily diet. This extra nutrition helps your body maintain a healthy level of collagen while allowing your body to continue to create fresh, healthy cells to replace old and damaged ones.The right skin care is imperative and an important anti aging secret. And the secret here is to go all natural with your skin care. Use fresh scrubs from natural ingredients such as apricot seeds. This can stimulate collagen production while removing old skin cells. All natural moisturizers help maintain the skins natural balance. Look for ingredients such as rose water and glycerin. Avoid chemicals that can actually make the skin look older.These anti aging tips can help you maintain a youthful look for longer. And we all know that healthy exercise and healthy diet are key to feeling good and staying healthy no matter how old you are. And be smart; if you take medications, check with your doctor before diet changes or starting exercise.

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